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Pioneers in professional grade nutrition

The Klaire Labs range is the next-generation of Ther-Biotic multi-strains. Clinically researched to a high-level of purity, potency and performance.

A great choice for billions of reasons.


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The Klaire Labs difference

Discover what makes us different to other supplements.



Our range of products are suitable for vegetarians, contain no preservatives, no artificial colourings and are manufactured according to strict quality certification.



Pioneers in professional grade nutrition. Each product is scientifically researched and contains high quality biotic multi-strains.



Our Ther-Biotic range are protected with a technology that guarantees stability and survival of bacterial biotic strains through the gastrointestinal tract to reach the gut microbiome.

Klaire Labs is proud to be part of the SFI Health family of brands, which together represent an unwavering commitment to quality, driven by a passion for applying science to nature. Renowned for their quality, credibility and reliability, SFI’s vision is to be the trusted global leader in developing & delivering human microbiome and cognitive natural solutions that enable people to make informed health choices confidently.

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